Friday, May 22, 2009

This is how it starts

So my boy had STAR testing last week, which is standardized testing that determines the amount of funding a school receives. Finn was very nervous and weepy the night before. I tried explaining that it's a test for the school and he didn't have to worry, but he was determined to wallow for a bit, so I hugged him and left him to it. 

I decided to write him a little note to find in the morning before he went to school. I wrote, "Dear Finn,  Just relax and read directions. You'll do great! Love, Mom and Dad." I should have known better. 

Finn was so happy with his note that he took it to school. And showed his teacher. And said sure, she could read it to the whole second grade class. Why? Why would his teacher read it to the class? That is blood in the water to a bunch of kids who want to prove they aren't babies any more. They laughed. 

Finn cried on the way home. He has a tender heart. As much as I don't want him knocked over by every emotion, I hope he isn't teased into indifference. It is hard for boys. How do I help him be tough and brave and resilient without hardening his heart?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Distant thunder

That's my honey, handcrafting a motorcycle gas tank. He has always wanted to do this, so he just started trying on his own. Slowly the word got out that he could make custom tanks and all of a sudden, he is bombarded with orders. He has guys bringing bikes in from two different states this weekend. 

I have never known anyone who manifests his dreams more than Shawn. I sometimes tease him for his one-track mind, but the guy doesn't stop until he gets what he wants. He should write a blue-collar version of The Secret. His would say, "Never stop thinking about what you want. Also, never sleep and stay up all night working on it and talk about it incessantly to everyone within earshot and there you go. Wish granted." Good job, honey. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Things have been tense around my home-planet lately. The news, the bills, the everything. Last night I was particularly keyed-up. It was stuffy in our bedroom, so I opened the window behind the bed and passed out watching Dancing With the Stars.

I woke up around two in the morning to the sounds of night birds and crickets. Somehow, the idea that those birds and bugs would be doing that very same thing no matter what happened to me was oddly comforting. It made the struggles of my life seem small and ordinary. Nothing so big or bad that it would stop a bird from singing in the night. My heart expanded and I slept. 

Monday, May 18, 2009


Here's what's weird-the last time I posted, I was furious at my credit card company, and hey-ho-whadda-know, I'm furious again! Please explain to me why they continually make it harder for me to pay the balance down? I realize lots of people have filed for bankruptcy or are just not making their payments which forces the credit card companies to be more careful, but why take it out on those of us who have NEVER missed a payment? It really makes me want to do just that. It makes me want to take up a life of crime and never look back because there clearly is no point to playing by the rules. 
I curse you, Capital One! A pox on your house!