Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lice are gross

I wouldn't wish lice on anyone. Well, maybe Hitler or the devil. But the devil would probably like 'em.  Anyway, there is nothing quite like playing host to a colony of critters. I don't recommend it. 

Ella brought them home from school and shared them with me. We then spent a week with various concoctions on our heads for long periods of time, followed by tedious combing and much howling from Ella. Then washing and drying every fabric thing, quarantine-ing all the stuffed animals, lint-rolling everything that couldn't be washed, vacuumed or stuffed in a bag. And we still had them. Ugh. I had to call in a professional. Who knew such a job existed? Professional nit-picker. Amazing. 

Well, Rona used her heirloom nit-comb and her experienced eye to de-louse us but good. The bugs may be gone, but the trauma lingers. I think I will feel itchy forever. YUCK!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Party Time

Today is dear friend Gaea's birthday. Yaaaayy and jumping up and down and bringing in the cake with yummy icing! Gaea is awesome and talented and so very sweet and pretty and also the actual goddess of the Earth, which is really very impressive. Hooray for Gaea!

Day after tomorrow is my birthday. My...(dramatic pause)...40th birthday. (Gasp!!!)
Why does it skeeve me out so? It doesn't bother me in general, but that number.... it's just not me. Gaea said Capricorn's are supposed to age in reverse and become more childlike as they get older. Maybe that's what is happening. I am certainly sillier than I used to be. Hmmm, well, ok then, bring it on. I'll be looking forward to the whole mental Benjamin Button thing. Whee!