Wednesday, February 6, 2008


"I think that's what it's all about. When you possess the courage-- or blunt, gourd-smacking stupidity-- to be totally candid, you silently amass thousands of allies. It's the "me too" effect. As Steven Morrissey (Esq., Demigod) says, there is no such thing in life as normal. And if you walk around pretending to be normal, hiding your scars and incisions and putrescing wounds, you only further the Conspiracy of Normal, which exists to make us all feel like shit."-Diablo Cody
To which I can only add, "A-effin'-men, sister." Just a couple days ago I was asking Bridget why we suddenly lust after the contents of the Pottery Barn catalog. When did start to want to be normal? I'm not even sure if that's the heart of it-it's more like seeking approval. I mean, I feel a little anxious about the prevalence of Stephen King in my book collection when new folks show up at the homestead. WTF? Why do I want them to think I am anyone other than who I am? I am overwhelmed by this whole notion of fitting in suddenly. Maybe it is because I don't fit in size-wise that I feel compelled to prove my okay-ness in other ways. Maybe it is from growing up with alcoholic parents that I want it to appear as if everything is okay at all times. Ultimately, it is me not being okay with me that makes me feel no one else would be okay with me either. That's gonna stop. 


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